At this time we are continuing to offer virtual  programs through the summer of 2021.

Our  schedule of Learn & Play Groups are listed below. 

Summer Programs run from the week of July 12th through the week of August 16th.

We will resume Interactive Story Times and our Parent Programs in the fall.

You can also find links to all of our prerecorded videos and activity offerings.  Continue scrolling for  Story Times with Valerie,  Sing-Along videos with Hugh Hanley, Ages and Stages Developmental Screening Information, and additional activity resources.

Enjoy exploring our virtual opportunities and keep an eye out for information about upcoming StoryWalks in your community!

For more information on any of our programs or services, please contact Jodi Levin or call 617-969-5906 x114


   All our early learning groups are for children ages 0 -5 with a parent or caregiver, and include circle time, singing, stories, and activities that support cognitive, physical, and social-emotional growth and development. Families will also have an opportunity to utilize the Ages and Stages Questionnaire, a free tool, that provides parents with a snapshot of their child’s development. Registration is required for all groups.


Summer Learn & Play Groups

Fun and engaging Circle Time, Stories, Songs and Activities that support cognitive, physical and social-emotional growth and development.

please choose one group that is best for your target child


Family L & P

For 0 - 5 year olds 10:00 - 10:30 am

July 13, 20, 27, Aug 3, 10, 17


Ready For K

For children starting Kindergarten in September '21     10:00 - 10:45 am

July 13, 21, 28, Aug 4, 11, 18


Pre-School L & P

For3-5 year olds 10:00 - 10:30 am

July 14, 22, 29, Aug 5, 12, 19


Preparemonos Para El Kinder

nuestros ninos para kindergarten

10:00 - 10:45 am

Julio 14,15, 21, 22, 28, 29

**comunicarse con Jackie Herrera or


please sign up for one


 Learn & Play Groups

Fall Programming will be posted in September!

Fun and engaging Circle Time, Stories, Songs and Activities that support cognitive, physical and social-emotional growth and development.

please choose one group that is best for your target child





please choose one group that is best for your target child


Parent Programs
Parent Programs will return in the fall!

Programs to support parents around their child’s development, growth, and learning.

**Please contact Jodi at

for the link or if you have questions.

Ages & Stages Questionnaire (ASQ)

Parents, you are your child’s first and best teacher. And as teachers, the right tools can help you support your child’s growth and development.

 CLICK HERE  to learn more about the Ages & Stages Questionnaires and how this free tool might help you to continue supporting your child's healthy growth and learning. 


Sing-Along with Hugh Hanley

An educational music experience with our favorite Hugh Hanley!

We are offering a Circle of Songs series for you to enjoy with your child at home.

We will be posting new videos weekly.  You can watch on our Vimeo page (click the link below), or by visiting our Facebook page!


Pre-Recorded Programs, Activity Ideas & Resources

Pre-Recorded Videos: Learn & Plays, Story Times,  Mindful Kids


Craft Idea: Paper Plate Llamas

Manualidad: Llamas de plato de papel


Craft Idea: Soda/Water Bottle Planter

Manualidad: soda/plantador de botellas de agua


Access to a wide range of books the you can read to your child, or that you and your child can listen to.  Offered in many languages.

Acceda a una amplia gama de libros que puede leerle a su hijo o que usted y su hijo pueden escuchar. Accesible en muchos idiomas.


Reading Resource: A story to help children deal with feeling mad

Recurso: Una historia para ayudar a los niños a lidiar con el enojo

 Book in English        Libro en Español 

Craft Idea: Heart Craft

Manualidad: Corazón


Acitivity: Shoe sorting math activity

Actividad: Actividad matemática de clasificación de calzado


Activity: learn some yoga positions to try at home

Actividad:Aprender algunas posturas de yoga para probar en casa

 VIEW HERE   English    VIEW HERE   Español

Activity Resource: The 3 B’s to calm your body

Recurso: Las 3 B’s para calmar tu cuerpo

 VIEW HERE   (English)     VIEW HERE   (Spanish)

Craft Idea: Paper Plate Dancing Sun

Manualidad: Marioneta de sol ( títere) plato de papel


Acitivity: Cupcake Liner Octopus

Actividad: Pulpo con Forro de cubiletes (magdalena)


Activity Resource: Help children with hand washing

Recurso: Ayudar a los niños a lavarse las manos

 VIEW HERE   (English)     VIEW HERE   (Spanish)

Craft Idea: Slime

Manualidad: Eslime


Acitivity: Craft a Routine Wheel

Actividad: Crea una rueda de rutina


Activity: Outdoors Rx Challenge:. Bark Rubbing

Actividad:Desafío RX al aire libre: Frotar la corteza


Activity Resource: To remind families that you have each other even in difficult times.

Recurso: Para recordar a las familias que tenemos incluso en tiempos difíciles.

 VIEW HERE   (English)     VIEW HERE   (Spanish)

Craft Idea: Make a paper plate cookie. Use this idea to “make” your own cookies with materials you have at home!

Manualidad: Haz una galleta con plato de papel. ¡Use esta idea para "hacer" sus propias cookies con los materiales que tiene en casa!


Activity: Match colors around your house. You can print the color cards, make your own, or simply show your child an object that is the color you want him/her to find!

Actividad: Combina colores en tu casa. ¡Puede imprimir las tarjetas de colores, hacer las suyas propias o simplemente mostrarle a su hijo un objeto del color que desea que encuentre!


Activity: Outdoors Rx Challenge: Nature Bracelet - wrap a piece of tape with the sticky side facing out. Walk around your neighborhood or your yard and collect pieces of nature. Stick them to your tape to make a bracelet.

Actividad:Desafío RX al aire libre: Pulseras de la naturaleza. Envuelva un trozo de cinta con el lado adhesivo hacia afuera. Camine por su vecindario o su patio y recolecta piezas de la naturaleza. Pégalos a tu cinta para hacer un brazalete.


Activity Resource: How humor can help children feel better

Recurso: Cómo el humor puede ayudar a los niños a sentirse mejor.

 VIEW HERE   (English)     VIEW HERE   (Spanish)

Craft Idea: Make your own Mr./Mrs. Potato Head out of felt or paper

Manualidad: Haga su propio Sr. / Sra. Cabeza de papa sin fieltro o papel


Activity: Ocean Life Experiment

Actividad: Experimento de vida oceánica


Activity: Outdoors Rx Challenge:  Collecting Nature. Think of one thing you can collect outside (acorns, sticks, rocks, leaves). Take a walk or explore your yard and see how many of that object you can collect.

Actividad: Desafío RX al aire libre: Recolectando la naturaleza. Piense en una cosa que pueda recolectar afuera (bellotas, palos, rocas, hojas). Salga a caminar o explore su jardín y vea cuántos objetos puedes recoger.

Activity Resource: Take care of yourself! Some practical ideas for caring for yourself while you care for others.

Recurso: ¡Cuídate! Algunas ideas prácticas para cuidarse mientras cuidas a los demás.

 VIEW HERE   (English)     VIEW HERE   (Spanish)

Craft Idea: Jungle Vine Gross Motor Activity

Manualidad: Vina de la jungla actividad motora gruesa


Activity: Heart in Hands Card-show love for mom or for anyone your child wants to say “I love you” to.

Actividad: Tarjeta Corazón en las manos: muestra amor por la madre o por cualquier persona a la que tu hijo quiera decirle "Yo también te amo.


Activity: Outdoors Rx Challenge:  Nature Journal

Actividad: Desafío RX al aire libre: Diario de la naturaleza


Activity Resource: Children learn so much through play.

Recurso: Los niños aprenden mucho jugando.

 VIEW HERE   (English)     VIEW HERE   (Spanish)

Craft Idea: Fine Motor Skills – Make Your Own Lacing Board

Manualidad: Habilidades motoras finas: haga su propia tabla de cordones


Activity: Paper Plate Garden

Actividad: Jardín de platos de papel


Activity: Outdoors Rx Challenge:  Rainbow Spotting

Actividad: Desafío RX al aire libre: Manchando el Arcoíris


Activity Resource: A timely article to start a conversation about race and some books to help.

Recurso: Un artículo oportuno para comenzar una conversación sobre raza y algunos libros para ayudar.


Craft Idea: Make Your Own Instruments – Even if you’re not planning a road trip, a homemade band sounds like fun!

Manualidad: Crea tus propios instrumentos: incluso si no estás planeando un viaje por carretera, ¡una banda casera suena divertida!


Activity: Number Pebbles

Actividad: Número de guijarros


Activity: Outdoors Rx Challenge:  Raft Building

Actividad: Desafío RX al aire libre: Construcción de balsas